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Our 2024 Spring Release

Wines, Ciders, and Co-Ferments

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Say Hello To The Future of Wine: Fine, high quality, low-alcohol natural and low-intervention wines, ciders, and co-ferments produced with organic fruit. Storytelling a delicious balance of art and science.


Muscat Akari 2022

Mad Bianca 2023

Mad Irene 2023

Meet our founder and producer

Marreya Bailey

Just like the delicious varied fruit and botanicals we use to make our high-quality, low alcohol wines and ciders, I sought to diversify and bring change to the future of this exciting industry.

Where Wine Meets Wellness

Wines you can feel good enjoying

High-alcohol, BIG WINE (or mega-farmed wine) brands are not doing our planet nor bodies any favors. Using low-intervention, botanical infusion and ancestral production practices, we make wine how it should be: enjoyable and uplifting to your body and soul. Our organic-grown, low-alcohol wines and ciders are here for you to enjoy. Just one sip and you’ll see why we are called Mad Marvlus. 

organic-grown fruit

Works with farmers and growers who regeneratively farm;  with organic and biodynamic farmed and naturally grown fruit and botanicals that are climate change friendly.

Natural & Low-Intervention

Our fermentation process uses modern and pan-cultural ancestral practices including low to no sulfur to create our delicious wines and ciders.


Mad Marvlus prides itself on collaborations and loves sharing in the fun and passion of creativity, community, culture, and respect of nature regeneration and protection.

the underrepresented fruits

We infuse our wines with healthy powerhouse superfoods like honey, and chamomile. While using foraged, farmed, organic fruits to create truly unique flavor profiles. And with our low alcohol content, you can truly enjoy each sip.

Some of our wines and ciders include:

Hybrid Grapes

Rare Cider Apples

Asian Pears

Chamomile & Verbena


The future of organic, sustainable, low alcohol wine and cider

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Meet our founder and discover the story behind MadMarvlus Wines.


See where our sustainable farm friendly fruit is harvested.


Check out some run recipes you can pair with our delicious wines.

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where wine meets innovation and wellness

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