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Our vine to wine and apple to cider ingredients make each of our wines a class of their own.

Where Wine Meets Innovation and Wellness

Welcome to
Our Mad World

Creating wine with a balance of wellness, science and nature.

Mad Marvlus is a natural and low-intervention wine and cider brand producing unique high-quality beverages with organic (and sometimes foraged) fruit and botanicals as naturally as possible in Northern California. 

We are focused on creating with climate change-friendly ingredients, such as underrepresented fruit like hybrid grapes, native grapes, tannic apples, pears, and botanicals like lemon verbena. 

Mad Marvlus focuses on also elevating cider to the respectable level as grape wine and redefining a new level of dry fine vinous cider.

Marreya Bailey, the owner and producer of Mad Marvlus, also enjoys applying pan-cultural ancestral fermentation practices that continue respecting the balance amongst art, science, nature, and people.

Why Mad Marvlus?

Like people and nature, wine is an ecosystem of expression. By not controlling their integrity and personality profile, we bring you the best of what nature gave us.
We like to think we're creating a new creature.


Producing wine and cider as naturally as possible with patience and minimal to zero sulfur added. This includes native yeast fermentation and organically-grown fruit with no synthetic or artificial additives.

Underrepresented Fruit

Believe it or not, most wines are not made with sustainably farmed fruit. We forage, purchase and work with rare and underrepresented fruits that are sustainably grown but climate friendly and drought tolerant.


Mad Marvlus prides itself on collaborations and loves sharing in the fun and passion of creativity, community, culture, and respect of nature regeneration and protection.

Meet Our Founder and winemaker

Inspired by nature, inspired by you

Hi, I’m Marreya (Mahr-ree-yuh)!

I am the founder, owner, label artist, and winemaker of Mad Marvlus.

In 2015, after graduating with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology with an emphasis on Forensic Science, I was completing my MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology while beginning my journey in the world of wine in the Midwest. Through diverse hands-on experience in wine, food, beverage with coffee, wine retail, wine bars, and specialty foods, through the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas I immersed myself into the wine world even more learning everything. By 2019, I found myself  flirting with corporate America and wine for a few years in the Midwest. I wanted to express myself through my favorite passions: art, science, nature, people, wellness, and wine. In 2020, I quit my corporate job to transition my career into wine full-time and moved from Ohio to Sonoma County, California to work my first wine harvest.  After working harvests bicoastal exposed to natural/low-intervention winemaking, dry cider, and hybrid grapes,  I became even more fascinated by working in various operational positions for several wineries, including viticulture. In 2021 Mad Marvlus was born.

I noticed few women of color and even fewer women who looked like me in the natural wine and cider business, so I wanted to help disrupt the industry by making it more vibrant!

Winemaking is an art. And as an artist with a scientific mind, I use my creativity to produce some “Marvlus” tasting wines and cider by tapping into my inner “Mad”  scientist side using a variety of organic and regenerative-grown fruit and botanicals not commonly used to create unique delicious flavors with your wellness in mind. 

Hence the name of my company, Mad Marvlus. So, raise your glass and toast to Mad Marvlus!

The wines and cider you will fall madly in love with!

Enjoy Mad Marvlus

Welcome to Mad Marvlus

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